Your Child’s First Dental Visit? Here is what to Expect

When should a child visit a dentist for the first time? This question is always lingering in many parents’ minds. You may be surprised what child care experts and organizations recommend: first visit on the first birthday.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, you should take your child to the dentist before age 1, as soon as teeth start to grow. It can be worrying if you do not know what to expect on your child’s first dental visit, especially if the child has only few teeth. However, dental issues can start sooner than you think. Dental studies have discovered that 1 in every 4 infants in the US develops cavity complications before the age of 4. So, do not wait until it is late because you will be denying your child benefits of preventive services.

How to Find a Pediatric Dentist

The best way to find a good dentist is by checking with either your insurer or pediatrician about dentists in your area. You can also ask for referrals from your family members and friends about dentists they have visited before. Narrow your search by interviewing one or two dentists stone harbor NJ has and choose the one whom your child will feel more comfortable. In addition, use the internet to find pediatric dental practices in your area. Many dental clinics have websites that contain information about their services and FAQs.

The Best Time to Visit the Dentist

While it may seem soon, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends booking an appointment with your baby’s dentist as soon as they rich one year or when the first tooth sprout. The initial recommendation was from age 1 to 2, soon after the child grows the first tooth. Dental care should start at home as soon as the first tooth comes in.

What to Expect on Your Child First Visit the Dentist

On your first visit, the dentist will teach you proper tooth and gum care for your child. Also, the specialist may educate you on the right nutrition and the best pacifier to use to maintain healthy teeth. You may also be taught on safer brushing methods so that you can help your child with oral care. This is also the perfect time to ask any questions about your child’s dental health. It is important to create a good rapport with the dentist to ensure your child receives the best dental care at an early age. Scheduling dental appointments also allow your child to get used to proper dental care routine.

How to Make a Visit to The Dentist Easier For Your Child

First of all, understand your child doesn’t have any hatred toward the dentist. So, if they start a bribery or tantrum, it is because this is their first encounter with a dentist. The first visit could mean a lot of fun for your child. So, suppress any negative feelings and allow your child to enjoy their first official meeting with the same enthusiasm as a visit to the local amusement park. However, make sure to contain your baby if it becomes too hyped.